HCS – M01

Side Walls S.S Mirror + Perforated S.S Hairline with acrylic in the back.
Ceiling CE-M01
Handrail HCS-HR01
Flooring Granite

HCS – M02

Side Walls Laminate + Gaps-skirting S.S Mirror.
Back Wall Half Height Mirror + Laminate.
Ceiling CE-12
Handrail HCS-HR03
Flooring Natural Granite


Side Walls M.S Powder Coated Yellow Corner S.S Mirror
Back Wall Half Height Mirror.
Ceiling Mirror with cutout.
Handrail HCS-HR02
Flooring Black Carpet

HCS – M04

Side Walls S.S Mirror + Lightened Plexiglass
Back Wall Full Height Mirror.
Ceiling Type M.S Powder Coated Arched
Handrail HCS-HR01
Flooring Black Granite

HCS – M05

Side Walls Painted / Frosted Glass
Back Wall Printed Images + Clear Glass
Ceiling S.S. Hairline with LED Stripes
Handrail On side Walls
Flooring Granite